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Our Home Part 1: Kitchen & Living Room

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Welcome to our Home! We found the property while six months pregnant and knocking on doors in Central Austin. It was love at first site!

Our goal was (and still is) to design and organize the space to inspire our family to be our best. We saw an opportunity to make the kitchen and living room more open, inviting and creative and immediately got to work!



  • connected the kitchen, dinning space and living room by removing the wall

  • increased vertical space by removing the cabinets and HVAC ducts

  • increased horizontal space by removing the center counter and stove top

  • partnered with a local cabinet builder to increase storage space and reduce the cabinet footprint

  • locally built center island. The stove controls are outward facing to allow the chef to play their rightful role as the focal point of any gathering :)

We used quartz for a beautiful and easy maintenance counter-top as well and eco-friendly bamboo for additional seating.

We envisioned kitchen,dining and leisure activity to be part of a connected experience.

A local window company custom built and installed the windows. They were designed to bring in the beautiful light while blocking harmful UV rays.

We are incredibly grateful for our Team and network of partners who helped make this vision a reality. Our Family enjoys using this space every day to eat, learn and laugh!


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