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We are orchidly, and excited to meet



How we got started

Hey y’all, nice to meet you! We are Cindy and Michael and co-founders of orchidly, a boutique design and consulting team located in Central Austin. We have always believed that a peaceful, inspiring and well organized home is essential to feel your best.



It was always our dream to design our own home, and when we had the opportunity it was both exciting and terrifying!  


In 2014 we found our dream home in Central Austin and quickly went to work on remodeling it. Within weeks of completing our project, we moved to Arizona for a job opportunity and quickly realized that “managing a property” is radically different from caring for a home. So, we decided to learn the process ourselves.



Upon returning back home to Austin, we partnered with friends and neighbors to design and manage their vacation homes. From these experiences, orchidly was born!  We feel fortunate to help our neighbors in Central Austin create their dream spaces and eager to support local artists and businesses in the process. 

Our Difference

Our goal is to help create a space that represents the best of you! From a new build/remodel to redecorating or organizing a room, we keep the process thorough yet simple and enjoyable for you. 

Interior Design/Remodel

Space Organization

Vacation Rental Consulting

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